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Latest Company Case About A new trend in charging, igniting wireless possibilities
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A new trend in charging, igniting wireless possibilities

 Latest company case about A new trend in charging, igniting wireless possibilities

Have you ever been worried about low battery on your mobile phone?
Have you ever been troubled by messy charging cables?
In order to solve this pain point
Wireless chargers have become a new choice for people pursuing a convenient life
Stylish and simple appearance and practical functions
To win the favor of many consumers
Today I will share 6 products specially designed for charging mobile phones


01 Magnetic power bank
The transparent magnetic charger has a strong sense of fashion from the eye-catching contrasting colors and the use of transparent materials to the embellishments of details. It has a thin and compact LED screen, and the watch magnetic charging cable is made into a small handle. The clever design adds to the styling of the product, and the invisible storage charging cable is suitable for Apple and Android phones, satisfying a variety of usage scenarios.


02 Solar folding power bank
The clever and flexible foldable portable design deviates from the appearance of traditional power banks, effectively saves space, and has multiple functions. It can be used as a wireless charger or a stand, focusing on user experience; it also has a solar panel that absorbs sunlight to continuously generate electricity and charge, completely getting rid of the panic of electricity consumption.


03 Multifunctional mobile power supply
Different from the traditional carrying method of power bank, this power bank supports wrist carrying. It has a small and portable appearance, is exquisite and compact, and has a groove shape on the side, making it visually thinner. The main materials used for its body are environmentally friendly materials. The surface adopts a texture similar to granite, with a hidden digital display and a bright-colored charging plug. It is simple but not simple, and meets the design requirements of modern aesthetics.


04 Wireless Desktop Charger
A three-in-one wireless charger that combines simplicity and practicality. Its appearance is close to Nordic modern style, making it better integrated into home and office environments. Considering packaging and transportation, the product adopts a foldable form for easy storage, which can make charging methods more diverse. The warm light ring light that comes with the product can also be used as a small desk lamp.


05 Whale Wireless Charging Desk Lamp
The design of the bionic form adds a lot of interest to the product. The cute whale in the ocean is the design source. The brief moment when the whale breaks out of the sea is the main form of the product. The corners of the outline are rounded and arc-shaped, adding a friendly and friendly temperament. Eliminate the coldness of technology.


06 Wireless charging desk lamp
Retro is popular, and the shape is inspired by vinyl records. The visual elements full of age feel add a warm and charming charm to the living space. It not only has aesthetic value, but also can easily arouse the inner resonance of users, making the product more attractive. Ambient lighting + transparent materials give the product a sense of technology and enhance the aesthetic effect of visual appeal.