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Company News About How to choose a good wireless charger?
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How to choose a good wireless charger?

Latest company news about How to choose a good wireless charger?

How to choose a good wireless charger?

Sorted out 5 elements:


1) Output power: The output power reflects the theoretical charging power of the wireless charger. The current entry-level wireless charging is 5w, but this kind of martial arts charging is slow. Currently, the output power that is more supported is 10w.

Note: Heat will be generated during the wireless charging process. When choosing, you can choose a wireless charger with a fan for cooling.


2) Compatibility: Currently, anything that supports QI certification can basically support wireless charging. However, many brands now launch their own brand of wireless fast charging protocols, so you should pay attention when choosing. If you are pursuing For wireless fast charging, you must know whether it is compatible with the wireless fast charging protocol of your own mobile phone brand.


3) Safety: To put it simply, it means whether it will be dangerous, whether it will be short-circuited, whether it will explode. Safety is one of the criteria to test whether a wireless charger is good or bad (it must also have a foreign object detection function. In life, it is easy for some small metals to fall into the charger, which can easily cause high temperatures)

It is also best to choose one with anti-slip function, because it is easy to move during wireless charging, which will affect the charging speed.


4) Brand power: When choosing a wireless charger, don’t choose a three-no product, and don’t be greedy for cheap and choose a small brand. First-line brands have complete processing mechanisms before, during, and after sales. It is a guarantee for consumers


5) Appearance: This depends on the person, everyone has their own preferences.


6) Choose whether it is flat type or cushion type.