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Company News About Will wireless charging of mobile phones cause cancer?
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Will wireless charging of mobile phones cause cancer?

Latest company news about Will wireless charging of mobile phones cause cancer?

According to reports from World Wide Web, the latest "iPhone" scheduled to be released by Apple in the United States in 2017 may use a wireless charging module. Some people say that radiation from ordinary mobile phones must be prevented, let alone wirelessly charged mobile phones! Some people are even more worried about whether the radiation produced by wireless charging can cause cancer? To this end, the reporter interviewed Zhou Hongzhi, associate professor at the School of Applied Mathematics and Physics at Beijing University of Technology.


1. What does wireless charging of mobile phones mean?
The principle of wireless charging technology is actually very simple. Zhou Hongzhi said, "The basic principle of the so-called wireless charging technology is the same as that of a transformer. It is the principle of 'electricity generates magnetism and magnetism generates electricity' that we learned in middle school physics class. With Take a mobile phone as an example. There is a magnetic core in the charger of the mobile phone, and a coil is wound around it, which can convert electricity into an electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic field can spread in space. At the same time, the mobile phone also has a corresponding receiving coil. This receiving coil comes into contact with the charging After the electromagnetic field emitted by the device is processed by a certain circuit, the mobile phone can be charged."

2. Can the radiation produced by wireless charging of mobile phones cause cancer?
Zhou Hongzhi said, "Wireless charging of mobile phones will produce a certain amount of radiation, but as long as the quality is guaranteed and used correctly, this radiation is almost harmless to the human body and will not cause cancer. On the one hand, during wireless charging, the magnetic field is It is closed and has very little radiation to the outside world; on the other hand, as long as it is a product that has passed the national 3C certification, it will undergo strict inspection, and the radiation it generates must also meet certain standards and will not cause harm to the human body."

3. Will the radiation generated by various electronic products overlap?
With the development of science and technology, people are exposed to more and more electronic products: computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. Some people worry that electronic products will all emit radiation? Will these radiations be superimposed together to produce the effect of "1+1=2" or even "1+1>2"?
Zhou Hongzhi said, "Electronic products all radiate, but as long as they meet the national 3C certification standards, they will not cause harm to the human body. As for radiation superposition, very strict conditions need to be met. In daily life, '1+1=2' Or there is almost no case of '1+1>2'. The radiation generated by various electronic products will interfere with each other, but will not superimpose each other. In many cases, they will even cancel each other. For example, many people throw objects into the lake at the same time. Pebbles, each pebble will form water waves, but these water waves will not superimpose into huge waves, and the same reason why radiation does not superimpose."

4. Why is the technology for wireless charging of mobile phones not popular?
The technology of wireless charging for mobile phones has always been expected by people, but it has not been popularized so far. Is it because the cost is too high or it is technically difficult to realize?
Zhou Hongzhi said, "Technically speaking, wireless charging of mobile phones can be achieved, and the cost is not high. The reason why this technology is not popular is mainly due to issues with standards and requirements, such as which specifications the charger should use. , how to seal the magnetic field, etc., these standards have not been officially released yet." However, Zhou Hongzhi said that once the relevant standards are officially released, the technology of wireless charging of mobile phones will soon become popular.